Doing These 8 Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand

The relationship between a woman and her husband is one of the greatest relationships ever. And men need a lot of motivation to convince them to bind themselves with the commitment of marriage. A woman needs to have not just love, but wisdom and some of the things in this article to be able to make her husband a putty in her hands.

1- Sing his praises when he isn’t around. Be a smart girl! Word travels fast. So say things your man would love to hear from you. However, he might think that you are just flattering him to get something, so sing his praises when he isn’t around so he would think that you are sincere.

2- Cook him his favorite meal from time to time. And make sure you make some tweaks to that meal so he wouldn’t get bored with it. You can try this trick too when he is having a bad day.

3- Quit complaining. Do not complain to him about things he does or doesn’t do. There are many ways other than complaining to get your man to do what you want.

4- Show your appreciation for what he does for you, no matter how little. So what if he just gets you a candy bar? What is important is that you were on his mind and that he wanted to please you as soon as he remembered you.

5- Support his efforts. Your husband has decided to take special courses to improve his career and that is taking from his family time? Stifle your disappointment dear, and tell him with a wide grin that you are so proud of him. After all, he is doing that for his family.

6- Reward him from time to time on being your husband, lover and the father of your children. And please, it doesn’t need to be “that” type of reward. Try other things. Bake him a dessert he likes. Buy him a shirt he likes even if you hate it. Things like that.

7- Call him with grand titles when he helps you, even if that help is little. For example, when he babysits the newborn for you while you take your shower, count your blessings and say, “My hero! My savior…etc.”

8- Spoil him a bit when he is sick. Get him breakfast in bed. Make him hot cocoa and soup often. Tuck him in. It may be silly, but a little spoiling melts the heart of the toughest of men.

Things Will Make Your Husband Putty in Your Hand


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