Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping?

Insomnia can be very disturbing, and this inconvenience maybe increased sometimes to the extent that it may adversely affect the lifestyle, especially if the available methods and means do not work to treat it. If you suffer from this problem and it affects your life and work, then you could try this simple trick that we offer you in this article.

Believe it or not, Scientists discovered recently that the secret behind a comfortable life and deep sleep is simply putting your feet or at least one foot out of the cover. how is that? And why?
Actually, body temperature plays an important role in the process of falling asleep, so it has to be reduced by two degrees- with the approach of bedtime. Moreover, it is reduced more during sleeping to reach its lowest level when you fall asleep quickly.

In your case, the high temperature of your body increases your alertness and prevents you from feeling relaxed and sleepy, which makes it necessary for your body to double the effort to cool itself until it reaches the stage of inactivity.

Thus, we advise you to sleep always with one foot at least outside the cover, as a simple and great way to lower the temperature of your body so that you can relax and sleep.

The reason is that your foot is void of hair and is characterized by a combination of vessels that helps to lower the body temperature through the release of excess heat and it helps to motivate blood flow to the surface of the skin.

So, the next time, when you are having hard time sleeping, remember to stabilize the temperature of your body on a low degree which does not exceed 23 degrees. Remember also to put your feet or one on foot outside the blanket in order to sleep long hours.

Did you place your feet outside the blanket while sleeping


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