The Top 5 Handiest Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Since years back, I used to gather newspapers clippings with handy tips about cleaning and cooking. It was a pleasant surprise to find that my mom has her own stash of clippings with useful tips about cleaning, laundry and cooking. Now it became a habit of mine to ask my friends and relatives about their own stashes, lists and notebooks of tips. Here, I will share with you some of the handiest cleaning tips ever.

1- Your kids have found their way to an ultimate destruction tool, a marker pen, and had their way with the walls of your apartment? No problem. A cotton cloth and some hair spray will fix all the damage.

2- Your glass windows look lackluster even after you wash them? Try this trick: blend two teaspoons of cornstarch and a liter of tepid water and wipe the glass into a blinding shine with this solution.

3- Do you want to get rid of the limescale and mildew on the corners, the tiles, the sink and the tub of your bathroom? I bet you never knew that Pepsi is an effective cleaner. Fill a container with Pepsi and spray it over the places that need cleaning and leave it overnight. Rinse it off with the hose in the morning and watch your bathroom sparkle, yup, this easy.

4- Just finished cooking and want to get rid of the garlic odor? Well, there is that metal soap they sell for this purpose but it is a waste of money in my opinion. All you need is something made from stainless steel, such as your sink or stainless steel pots.

5- Your cat or dog’s hair is sticking to your furniture and clothes bothering you to no end? They sell something called a shticky for that purpose, which is another waste of money in my opinion. Wet a rubber glove and rub the hair off.

Handiest Cleaning Tips


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