Top 6 Signs You Are Progressing with Your Live Even Though You Don’t Feel It

Many of us – I dare say most – come to a point in life where they say, “I have wasted my life away”. We all have these moments of self-doubt when one feels that our ages do not justify the number of accomplishments we have achieved. But this is not how one should measure their progress in life at all. These signs will tell you that you have progressed with your life even if you deny it.

1- You have certain clear goals and you know how to achieve them. This means you know your strengths and weaknesses and have set a purpose that suits them.

2- Your relationships are more stable. You don’t go through much drama with those you love or hate. You have learned how to be close to those whom you love, and how to avoid and nullify the effect of those whom you hate.

3- You have learned to firmly say no when you need to. You are not forced by fear of others’ disappointment or changing their opinion of you. You say no when you are quite sure that saying otherwise will pressure you into doing things you hate.

4- You have good friends you can lean on. You have managed to understand the concept of a good friendship and have people who support you, help you and offer you advice whenever you need it.

5- You can greatly understand others and sympathize with them. People progress better in their lives when they are able to put themselves in others’ shoes.

6- You can distinguish between advice and destructive criticism. You are fully aware of the signs of jealousy and envy coming from those around you. You also know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Signs You Are Progressing with Your Live Even Though You Don’t Feel It


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