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Reasons for nipple pain and how to soothe it

Many women complain about sore nipples.the pain causes a great deal of discomfort ,like being unable to wear a bra easily or even sleep or exercise.what are the reasons behind that pain ? read the following article to find out .

1 – Ovulation: it happens in the middle of your period and it will cause the nipples to be sore due to the high levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones

2 – Dry Skin: the skin around the nipples can be dry or chapped . this is a reason for them to be painful. this usually happens to mothers who are breastfeeding. The best way to solve this problem is to apply a moisturizer to the area .

3 – Breast Cancer : if the sore nipples and pain is persistent and it never goes away then you might need to see your doctor . a lump or breast pain are the main signs of breast cancer

4 – Pregnancy : during this phase your body contains very high levels of progesterone hormone which makes the breasts full of water . This can cause soreness or pain in the nipples area .

5 – Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) : in this phase , your body’s hormones aren’t balanced . the progesterone isn’t high enough , therefore affecting the estrogens levels as well .this will cause nipple pain among other symptoms like bloating and mood swings .

6 -Breast Development and Puberty : this phase affects the glands as the breast are growing along with the tissues. These hormonal changes may cause sensitivity and soreness in the nipple.

7 – Jogger’s nipple: when you are used to exercise vigorously or wear tight cloth , this will affect your breasts causing it to be dry and uncomfortable . make sure you wear a supportive bra while exercising

8 – Fatty acids imbalance: when your body’s level of fatty acids aren’t well balanced , this can affect your hormones thus causing pain in your breasts and nipples . make sure you get the right amount of fatty acids through food or supplements

How to ease the pain ?
Use a Warm Compression the sore area for 10 minutes , you can also resort to massage with oils it will help keep the area comfortable and moisturized .Heat a small amount of the oil and massage the nipples gently

Reasons for nipple pain and how to soothe it


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