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Refill That Water Bottle before Dehydration Causes You These 7 Problems

Water is the essence of life and every living being on this planet needs water. However, while plants just shrivel up and wait for the next rainy season, humans just suffer horribly if they are dehydrated and die within a day or two. And that isn’t the only issue. Dehydration can have degrees, there is the one we just mentioned in which you die, and there is that dehydration that causes diseases, and the slightest degree of dehydration in which you age and develop wrinkles quickly. In this article, we will tell you about some of the consequences of dehydration.

1- Depression and mood swings. Many recent researches have proved that those who do not drink a sufficient amount of water every day are liable to depression, irritability and mood swings. So, if you are feeling lousy, refill your water bottle and take a few large gulps.

2- Low stamina. Did you know that if you are lacking energy for any reason, the feeling of tiredness and fatigue is doubled when you are dehydrated? Your fatigued body will find it even more tiring to respond when you lack water.

3- Wrinkles. Two things contribute to fast skin aging, sunrays and dehydration. Water increases sweating which keeps your skin young and elastic. So, without water, your skin dries up and forms wrinkles.

4- Hypertension. You already know that high blood pressure leads to many illnesses, but did you know that dehydration contributes to triggering it? Not drinking enough water disturbs your bloods mobility and fluidity leading to high blood pressure.

5- Increase in cholesterol levels. When your body finds that it is getting dehydrated, its counteract is raising your levels of cholesterol because high levels of cholesterol help in preserving water content. Drink enough water to stop that defense mechanism and lower your high cholesterol levels.

6- Severe allergies. According to the most recent researches, allergies become more severe when you are dehydrated. For example, if you are suffering from asthma, low water levels in your body make your throat, nose and alveoli more sensitive and defensive towards your environment.

7- Increase in your weight. If you happen to be overweight, know that it is not necessarily due to your fat storage. Water retention contributes to the increased number of kilograms you read on your scale as well.

Water Bottle before Dehydration Causes Problems


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