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With These Tips You Will Feel Energetic All Day No Matter How Tiring It Is

As human beings, we tend to feel tired from time to time. Feeling tired can be the result of many things such as: Hunger, poor diet, mood, health problems such as common illnesses; diabetes; anemia; low or high blood pressure, lack of sleep, strenuous physical exercise, and other things such as pregnancy, menstrual period and menopause.

Therefore, one should learn all about recharging energy. Here are some tips that will help you feel energetic no matter how tiring it is.

1- Do not ever EVER skip breakfast. Breakfast is the meal that provides your brain with nutrients it direly needs for functioning. So, skipping it is a sure way of draining yourself of energy and forcing your brain to signal your body to feel tired. If you are, for example, pregnant and the thought of eating anything turns your stomach upside down, start with something light, such as milk, yogurt or fruits.

2- Wakeup once the alarm rings and give up snoozing. A snooze button doesn’t exactly let you sleep, as you cannot possibly sleep for 10 minutes. Moreover, you are developing by this a habit of being sluggish and resisting waking up. Wakeup once the alarm rings, and hit the cold shower.

3- Lighten up on the spirits. Alcohol is rich in neurotoxins and its effect on your body is never temporary. By alcohol consumption, you are slowly poisoning your mind and liver making them function less effectively and depleting your energy in the process. Moreover, alcohol has a severe dehydrating effect which is another reason why you will feel tired the time after drinking.

4- Make your meals smaller and less often. I have noticed this myself. When I have something light at work such as a cup of Greek yogurt, I do not return home as fatigued as when I grab a burger. Naturally, I would feel hungry a couple of hours after, so what? I could have another small meal that won’t tire me out.

5- Rehydrate often. It is very possible that the reason why you feel tired is that your daily water intake is low and you are rehydrating and feeling sluggish as a result. Let me say it this way, if you are suffering from any health problem no matter how slight it is, the resulting pain will double.

Tips You Will Feel Energetic All Day No Matter How Tiring


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